My practice explores the experience and ephemerality of touch, examining physical gestures and points of contact which are often overlooked.  In the studio, I re-examine, distil, and abstract these moments, distorting boundaries between mediums to offer different perspectives on an experience. Borrowing approaches from painting, sculpture and fibre art, I consider how nuances of material touch can alter the perception of physical touch, and act as a point of exchange between artist and viewer.

The observation of colour and its visceral qualities plays a central role in my practice.  I am mesmerized by its ability to shift between the visual, the sensory, and the physical ‘stuff’ it is made of; embedding itself in a chameleon-like way into any material situation.  In particular, my work explores the points where colour begins to shift into and out of its customary painterly roles to take on a more immediate physical and psychological presence.

My approach in the studio is playful, direct, and open-minded; propelled by a curiosity about the ways in which visual elements combine to become more than the sum of their parts. Individual pieces are created through a layering of actions with forms being rigorously questioned as they are made, unmade, and remade before arriving at a conclusion.  I consider each artwork to be a way of holding onto and reimagining different qualities of touch.  Each painted mark or folded crease suggesting an action which has already occurred, but where it has lingered through the traces that are left behind.




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