I explore how material qualities alter the perception of physical touch and elicit visceral responses. Using materials that can be easily shaped and manipulated by hand, I examine touch as a form of physical engagement, and site of exchange between artist and viewer. My investigations often involve a literal or suggested tension between forms and delayed or arrested actions. This curiosity about tension extends into empirical versus sensory understandings of matter, like the ambiguities between how a material feels in the hand versus how it feels on the eye. In the studio, my process often begins with colour as a substance: thick gloopy oil paint, thin films of acrylic paint, soft textiles, or hard lengths of willow or brass. I am intrigued by materials which ‘remember’ the actions performed on them and reflect these moments in the finished piece. For me, the making process is an intimate form of call and response between myself and a specific material quality, with each change to a surface, texture, or colour eliciting my next move.




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