My artwork is influenced by the shifting and temporal nature of my surroundings and the traces that this passage of time leaves behind.  Specifically, I am interested in fleeting moments and sensations which are not fully understood because they are only briefly glimpsed or experienced.  For me, the process of making is a way of lending physical form to the traces left behind by time— a place where materials are used to reconsider and reinvent specific memories.

In my practice, I explore these ephemeral qualities through pieces which remove the boundaries between painting, drawing, and sculpture in order to offer different perspectives on an experience.  I consider each artwork to be a small piece of a memory, which builds upon and questions the viewpoints offered by the previous artworks that I have created.

Although my art is based on specific points of reference, the creation of artwork in the studio evolves through intuitive processes—where I allow materials to be reshaped by the layering of time, memory, and the imagination.  Each painted mark or folded crease suggesting an action which has already occurred, but where its memory has lingered through the marks that it has left behind.  These actions coalesce to build their own visual dialogue where strands of different memories start to compete with one another, blur together, overlap, and erase one another.  For me, the surface of an object is a place where these elusive moments can be transformed into tangible spaces.  Similar to the process of attempting to remember an event; each form, mark, or color comes to the foreground to exist briefly within the experience of the artwork before dissolving.